Health Care

Mississippians should have access to quality healthcare by physician led teams to develop and deliver safe, effective health care plans throughout the state. Basic health care includes Basic preventive care, acute and chronic care, oral healthcare and mental health care.   As a Physician, I am committed to bringing sensible reform to Health Care in Mississippi. We need a Physician at the table when we begin to discuss issues that will affect your health and quality of life.


Public Education

Public education should be fully funded to give students and teachers access to the resources they need. For years, Mississippi has neglected our most precious investments. We must change this. I will always fight and stand for Public Education in Mississippi.



Mississippians need to be able to travel over safe roads and bridges. Infrastructure is vital to our economy and requires regular maintenance and repair. I will fight to make sure District 117 is a priority when it comes to infrastructure spending. 



We are stewards of our environment. Our coastal recreation and livelihood depend on maintaining our fisheries, oyster beds, and estuaries which are our coastal treasures. We must protect the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  A healthy environment translates to a healthy community. 



Promises were made to veterans across the country when they agreed to serve our country. Our community can support initiatives to improve Veteran health care and access to resources available to them. 


Mental Health

Mississippi has top facilities for mental health.  Access to care is difficult and expensive to many who require mental health services.  As a State we must address this issue that is plaguing our State and Nation. 


Small Business

Small Businesses are vital to our communities and our coast.  Our coastal businesses  contribution equates to 35% of the economy in Mississippi.  Small businesses make up 96% of the employers in the state, and employ nearly 50% of the private sector workforce. Setbacks from natural disasters such as Hurricane Katrina and the recent flooding aftermath affect our small business owners.  I will support and protect Small Businesses to keep them growing and succeeding.